Seeking a Lead Pastor

An excerpt from a letter from our session. Read the full letter here.

"...It is also one of our prayers, for Resurrection Williamsburg, that we will be bold to prayerfully request God’s provision for us, as we seek a new lead pastor to guide and shepherd our congregation. We pray for a pastor who will lead us in living out the gospel of Jesus in our thoughts, words, and deeds. We pray for a pastor who will equip us to meet the needs in our neighborhoods and in the relationships that God has called us, in Jesus, to meet and minister to. We pray for a pastor who will teach us to grow in the knowledge and in the love of Christ for our world and for one another. With Jesus, we pray that God’s kingdom might come, here on our broken earth as it is in heaven and that He might use each of us to be part of this work.


Two of the many practical needs in regard to our congregation’s pastoral search are 1) a brief survey of current attendees and members and 2) a request for nominations for the search committee, who will help us in the work of calling a new pastor..."