Give Financially

​We give because God is a generous giver. He has given us all things: our life, our talents, our interests, our gifts, our possessions and our resources. These are all gifts from a generous God. We believe that we are not first and foremost owners of these gifts but stewards who are called to use everything we have for the good of one another and the good of the world. So we follow the many encouragements and warnings that Jesus makes about money and possessions and we seek to live generously for the sake of the world.

If you give online or via check you will be able to see your giving online. Once you gift is processed you will get an email confirmation and then you will be able to login to see your profile, giving history, and giving statement at the end of the year.

Many ways to give:

ONLINE (card or bank account)

Set up recurring donations or a one-time gift online by registering below. The church pays a smaller processing fee for ACH transfers that for credit or debit card payments.


Whether you write a check by hand or set up automatic payment through your bank - mail the checks to the address below. The church does not pay any processing fees for check donations, but the process can take a few weeks. If you're not subscribed to our newsletters, please include your email address as a "memo." This way we can confirm with you when we receive your gift, and you can see your giving history online.


Resurrection Williamsburg

49 Flatbush Ave #1036

Brooklyn, NY 11217


If you have another way you'd like to give, please contact our admin.