Neighborhood parishes are the primary place of spiritual friendship. Each parish is unique in that it takes on the character of its members and the nuances of their leadership, time and space. Nevertheless, each parish shares certain qualities, as each group meets at least twice a month to share life, discuss spiritual matters, and prayer for one another.  

Listed below are the parishes and their leaders. Please contact them with any questions about how to get involved.

Greenpoint  |  Steve Brune

North Williamsburg  |  Christina Morgan

South Williamsburg  |  Alli Peller

East Brooklyn  |  Bethany Barnes

Queens  |  Phil Williams


Each week, our community gathers together to worship God, gathered by the call of the Holy Spirit to joyously celebrate the Good News of Jesus Christ. 


During the worship service we offer:

Infant Nursery (0-2.5 years)

Pre-K/Kindergarten (3-5 years)

Elementary (6-10 years)


On Friday nights we offer:

Youth Group (grades 6-12) contact Josie Adkins for more info

Children's Ministry Director  |  Kendall Seely


The Resurrection Williamsburg Prayer Ministry is here to pray for you. If you would like prayer for yourself or others, please email your concern. Our prayer team will pray for you during a dedicated prayer-time on Wednesdays at 12 noon, and at other times all throughout the week.


We support one another through hectic times with meals, often after a birth, surgery or illness. Contact the organizer to help provide meals.


The parents of our church seek to encourage one another by meeting together. Contact our admin to be connected to this group.


The women and men of the Mercy Team are constantly working to help our people during times of physical and financial difficulty. They are ready to aid those struggling to pay for rent, food, counseling, medical care and other expenses. The Team is also ready to help in other areas, including budgeting and basic life skills, taxes and even moving. A team member will spend time praying with you and assessing how the church can best help you.


If you are in need of help, please contact the Mercy Team.


Our music director would love to know if you (or your children) play an instrument and are interested in possibly being involved with music here at church. Contact her below.

Music Director  |  Anna Anderson

We also have a choir that performs on Sunday morning for our church a various times throughout the year. Rehearsals are usually before the service. Contact Joan to be added to the choir email.

Choir Director  |  Joan Zimmerman





This is our church's racial and social justice group. Further description coming soon. 

Contact  |

Join us the last Wednesday of each month for discussions on selected readings, films, articles, etc., focusing on issues of racial and social justice. Daniel Payne leads these monthly gatherings on zoom. All are welcome! For more info, please email Daniel Payne.