We are committed to seeking the good of the city we live in through a variety of local urban community projects. We are engaged in supporting the following:



Our church participates in a ministry called Safe Families for Children, an alternative to foster care, that reaches out to children and their parents in our community who are in crisis due to situations like homelessness, domestic violence, job loss or illness. Through the involvement and resources of the local church, both human and financial, Safe Families enables families to remain intact and to thrive, even in times of crisis and difficulty.


There are many ways to be involved in this ministry. If you have an interest in coming alongside families in crisis, reaching out to at-risk youth and kids, or participating in the type of biblical hospitality that opens your home to the suffering, please contact Laura Galt. You can also visit the website at to learn more about the three key volunteer roles.

Contact  |  Laura Galt


We are looking for volunteers to partner with Cru their mentoring program at The Brooklyn Latin School. Volunteers will be partnered with a 9th grader who is navigating the transition from middle school to high school and meet with them once a week beginning in the new year (January 2022).

Contact  |  Charlotte Crabbe


The women and men of the Mercy Team are constantly working to help our people during times of physical and financial difficulty. They are ready to aid those struggling to pay for rent, food, counseling, medical care and other expenses. The Team is also ready to help in other areas, including budgeting and basic life skills, taxes and even moving. A team member will spend time praying with you and assessing how the church can best help you.


If you are in need of help, please contact the Mercy Team.